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Choose the system that suits you

You choose the method of payment that suits you, either by comission-based system with no fees for an unlimited use of applications and features, and you only pay after you've made profits. Or by monthly subscription system with unlimited use of the store and an excellent support service. With OneStep, No Sales = No Charges, we only win when you win. We are dedicated to help you win and to provide you with all the tools you need to succeed.

Store Languages

Don't waste your time in translation, choose your store's language from over 10 available languages and make the change it in less than 30 seconds. Attracting sales should be your only focus.

Multi Currency Converter

Why not expand internationally? Make shopping easier for your customers by showing prices in their local currency. You can start selling worldwide with only 1 click, prices will start to convert automatically based on your customers' locations.

Google Sheet Integration ( DATA Exporter )

Now you don’t need to pay monthly fees to integrate your store with google sheet or to export your orders' data. The integration can be done in one minute, 100% free and you can share your orders with anyone (call center, your suppliers... etc.).

One Click UpSell ( Post-Purchase UpSell )

Whether you are using Stripe or Cash on Delivery, you can use 1ClickUpsell and it's 100% free, because we win when you win, and that's why we provide you with all the necessary tools that will help you increase your earnings..

Multi FB Pixels Support

Are you afraid of losing your data stored in a single Facebook pixel? Now with OneStep, it's easy to add as many Facebook pixels as you want to your store, and it's 100% free.

Distribute sales on multiple Stripe accounts

You can add as many Stripe accounts as you like to your store, and collect and transfer sales to them simultaneously. For example, if you have...

Products reviews

You can easily add customer reviews to your products. Reviews encourage sales, increase conversion and make your store trustful.

Abandoned Cart

The Abandoned cart feature is included for Free in OneStep Platform; You don’t need to pay monthly fees & commissions to use it.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

OneStep product pages rank higher as you can edit the meta titles, meta slug and meta descriptions for each product.

Skip cart

The skip cart option is to redirect the customer to the checkout page directly without passing by the cart. It’s easy to be applied, with one click you can activate and deactivate the skip cart option in all products or for a specific products.

Sticky Button: Sticky "Add to Cart" or "Buy Now"

Make it easier for your customer to make purchases anytime they decide to and never miss a sale. You are able to customize the button's color, text, and make it sticky on the customer's surface all the time even when the customer scrolls down.

One page checkout

Why should you pay 49 to 199 dollars per month for choosing to use one page checkout plus a commision up to 3% from your revenue? Say no and use our one page checkout 100% free included in OneStep platform.

Variants feature

Give your customer more choices with the variants option, let them choose the colors, the sizes and even the offers they want, make your customer experience different.

Ultimate Scarcity Tools

You can use the newest scarcity tools on your store for free. Countdown timer or inventory bar with an option to customize for each product page. You can customize the text, colors, quantity and many more.

Sales notifications

You can get higher conversions using this tool. Activate OneStep sales pop up notification with just one click to make your store looks busy and get new orders.

Notice Bar / Announcement Bar

Mobile & desktop optimized notice bar in the header of the store. Fully customizable and adaptive to share your special offers, promotions & discounts.

Express checkout form

Allow the visitor to request the product on the same page. At OneStep, we provide you with great features to facilitate the selling process, and everything is as always, free of charge.

COD Manager

Did you know that OneStep provides you with everything you need to manage your store? With the integrated COD Manager program, you can monitor ...

Social media pixels integration

We offer you the possibility to configure your store to be pixel compliant with all social media plugins in a quick and easy way. You will no ..

Customized Checkout

Why ask for an email address if you're selling a service which doesn't require it? Other platforms don’t give you a choice to edit the checkout form. With OneStep, you have the possibility to choose exactly what you want from visitors & edit the form to your liking.

Everything is unlimited

OneStep is unlike any other platform. We give you the option of placing a commission-based payment to enjoy your store on a regular basis, since you may add as many products as you want and receive as many visitors as you like (fake visitors not included). Alternatively, you can select a package that allows you to pay once a month while still receiving a professional service.

Facebook Conversions API App

The Facebook Conversions API, by contrast, is a server-side tool. In fact, it was formerly known as the server-side API. It allows you to track conversions through your website’s server, rather than through your customer’s browser. Instead of tracking "browser pixel events", it tracks "server events".

Google shopping app

Google shopping app assist you to list you products all at once in Google merchant just by few clicks to be able to find them on Google shopping, all you have to care about is launching your ads and got sales.

Buy Now Widget App

The buy now widget allows you to take with you your products whetever you go, you just have to customize the widget in the format that you want,copy the HTML code generate it then paste it in your Blog, website, page....